Homemade Carrot Puree for babies

There are many healthy and nutritious baby food recipes could be made from carrots out of those, carrot puree is the most popular among baby weaning recipes. carrots can be introduced to baby food right from initial stage of weaning i.e. when baby reaches 6 months of age.

The reason of using carrots in baby food is its high nutritious value, carrots are rich source of vitamins A, C and calcium which are very important for right growth of infant. Following recipe elaborates, How to make basic carrot puree right at home anytime without any fuss.


  • Fresh carrots
  • Water


Wash and peel the carrots then cut into small chunks. Steam the carrots using a steamer pan until turns tender. Place the steamed carrots in a blender and make its puree. You can add water if required to get thinner consistency but do not use any leftover water from steaming carrots as it could contain nitrates.

Yummy carrot puree is ready. Feed your growing baby with this amazing home made carrot puree.

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