Pineapple pancake recipe for a fruity taste

Making a pancake is rather simple task and can be easy meals after a tiring day. These pancakes are also great for a quick and easy dessert. Pancake recipes are also a fun way of getting you interested in making great tasting food. What better time to start working on your pancake recipes with this wonderfully tasty recipe to hone in on your skills.


  • Flour 110g/4oz
  • Eggs x 2
  • Butter 50g/2oz
  • Pinch of salt
  • Milk 200ml/7fl mixed with water 75ml/3fl oz

To serve

  • Grated pineapple¬† (canned or fresh is okay)
  • Castor sugar for sprinkling


The key to successful pancake making it to ensure that the flour gets enough air. This is achieved through sifting the flour and salt at a higher distance from the bowl. Create a well in the flour and put in the eggs and start whisking together so that you can start making your pancake mixture.

Slowly add the liquid mixture in small quantities while still whisking. It is normal that lumps might appear and these should not concern you as they will eventually disappear. Using a rubber spatula is now advised so that you can get all the access flour from the side of your bowl.  Continue to whisk the batter so that you get a smooth creamy consistency.

The next part:

Now melt the butter into a pan and whisk it into your mixture. Then oil the pan with it. If you want to make it quicker simply melt the butter into the pan you intend to use and leave a little bit of butter. That makes for less washing up later.

Your pan needs to be really hot and once it is hot lower the heat and get ready to start making a test pancake. Add a spoonful of batter to the pan and see if it will rise and make a pancake. It should not take too long for your pancake to turn golden brown. You need to check this with a palette knife through lifting and flipping your pancake. If you feel comfortable you can flip your pancake using the pan.

This means your pan is ready to receive your batter and so you can start making your pancakes. Always keep your pancakes warm in the oven while still making the others. Staking them using greaseproof paper should do the trick.

Time to serve:

Sprinkle your pancakes with caster sugar and then add your grated pineapple. Fold then and then sprinkle a bit more castor sugar and serve while warm.

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