Creepy Gooey Eyeballs

When trying out your Halloween recipes this year, be sure to try this one as it will get everybody talking due to how creepy it looks. This recipe is a little bit technically difficult but doesn’t take very long to do. Serve these with a thick, red fruit ‘Entrails’ compote – if you can’t find one in the shops, try this easy recipe. Take any red fruit you can find, but use your favourites. Put them into a pan (it doesn’t matter about quantities). Sprinkle the top of the fruit with some caster sugar. Pour in a tiny bit of water just to cover the bottom of the pan so the fruit doesn’t get burnt and start to heat. Stir occasionally and the fruit will start to break down. When it is just at that stage and is losing the shape of the fruit but not completely, take it off the heart. Leave to cool and it should be thick and gooey and very ‘Entrail-ey’!

Preparation time: 45 minutes
Cooking time: a few hours setting time


  • 1 packet of the jelly flavour of your choice. I like tropical fruit. (use something that isn’t too strongly coloured)
  • Dollop of double cream
  • Liquid food colourings in black, white, and an eye colour (whichever you choose)


Make up the jelly according to the pack instructions. Once made, just as it is cooling and becoming thicker, stir in the double cream. Don’t stir so it is completely mixed in, make sure it is left with a marbling effect.

You can then leave this to set either in a large bowl, or in an icing tray which has been greased or sprayed with non-stick spray.

Once set, turn them out of the moulds very carefully and get set to decorate.

Use a very fine paintbrush, and using the eye-colour food colouring, paint a little circle on top of the circle of jelly. Be very gentle as the jelly is quite fragile.

Leave this to dry.

Once dry, using the black food colouring, paint a little circle of black in the middle of each eye for a pupil.

Once this is dry, add little white stripes around the outside of the pupil so it looks as though the light is hitting the eyeball.

If you want it to look even more gruesome, using some red food colouring, paint on some veins on the whites of the eyes.

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